iZettle is a new way of accepting card payments and growing your business. With just a free app, a secure card reader and great analytics, iZettle helps you make and keep track of all your sales. It only takes a few minutes to get started, there is no lock-in contract and you only pay per transaction. The money from your sales is automatically deposited to your bank account within 3 banking days.

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Use your smartphone or tablet to take payments. iZettle works great wherever your business takes you.

Chip and PIN reader. 

The Chip & PIN reader connects wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet and is perfect for any business, big or small.

Smart Rate

The more you sell, the less you pay. Smart Rate automatically reduces your transaction fees based on your monthly sales – starting at 2.75% and dropping to as little 1.50% per transaction. 


iZettle meets all the strict security requirements from the European card industry. The service is EMV approved and complies with PCI DSS regulations. No sensitive data is ever stored on the mobile device and all data traffic is encrypted. 

Get organised with your very own product library

Add all your products in the app, with names and prices. You can also organise them in folder to speed up your payments. Organising you products makes it easier for you to keep track of your sales.

Take payments

Do you know that with iZettle you can accept both cash and cards? Use your smartphone or tablet to take your preferred payment. iZettle accepts all major cards and works great wherever your business takes you.

Grow your business

Do you plan to extend your business? Complete your iZettle setup with cash drawers and printers. Top off the customer experience by letting your customers choose if they want their receipt sent by email or in print.  

 Keep track of your sales

With great reports, iZettle makes it easy to track your sales. iZettle gives you insight based on top-selling products, average spend and sales per hour. 

Optimize your time

Save time and use your daily summaries in the app or by signing in to izettle.com to do the books. Here you can find hard numbers and reports in excel format. Optimize your time and let iZettle help you with the books.

Let your staff join you

Give your staff their own log-ins to let them accept payments. They don’t have access to reports or statistics, which means you remain in complete control of your account.

Get your money swiftly and securely

With iZettle you’ll have your money deposited to you bank account 3 business days after the payment was done.

This is how to get started

1. Create your iZettle acount by clicking here

2. Download the iZettle app on your tablet or smartphone. Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the free iZettle app.

3. Connect your bank account. Sign in and connect your bank account on izettle.com.

4. Buy a card reader from Retail Gurus at a special reduced rate by clicking here

4. Start doing business!


Why iZettle?

iZettle is perfect for: