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57 x 38 mm Thermal Paper Rolls, Box of 20 by National™ for Ingenico, VeriFone, Spire, Pax & Worldpay

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4 - 7 £5.60 ex. VAT
8 - 11 £5.50 ex. VAT
12 - 9999 £5.25 ex. VAT

57 x 38 mm Card Terminal Thermal Paper Rolls, Box of 20 by National™ for Ingenico, VeriFone, Spire, Pax & Worldpay




57 x 38 mm Thermal Paper Rolls

Box of 20 Thermal Paper Rolls Compatible with almost all card terminals in use in the UK today.
57mm wide X 38mm diameter paper roll
Tested and certified compatible for the following payment card terminal manufacturers and major banks: Ingenico, VeriFone, Spire Payments, Pax, Gemalto,First Data Worldpay, Barclaycard, PDQ, HSBC, Global Payments, Streamline, First Data, Elavon, Paymentsense, Cardnet

Our 57 x 38 mm Thermal Paper Rolls are specifically designed to ensure smooth operation in all the popular credit card terminals. 

Manufactured in the UK from sustainable FSC approved papers.

Suitable for:
- Ingenico MOVE/5000,MOVE/3500, ICT220, ICT250, IWL200, IWL220, IWL221, IWL222,EFT930B, EFT930G
- VeriFone VX810 DUET, VeriFone VX820 DUET, VeriFone VX670, VeriFone VX680, VeriFone VX675 (with larger paper holder only), VeriFone VX520
- First Data FD130
- Spire Payments SPw60, SPg7, SPc5, SPc50 , SPw70, MPT600
- Pax S900, A920, A920 Pro

-Castles Vega 3000 mobile, Vega 3000 Desktop, Saturn 1000


Able AP1200 Extech S1500T Payzone iWL251  
Able AP824 Extech S2500TEF Payzone iWL252  
Able AP824B Extech S3500T Sagem EFT-930G  
Able AP842 Gemalto Magic 1000 Sagem Matsu EFT-930-SEM
Able AP842B Gemalto Magic 5100 Sagem Monetel EFT 930-B
Able AP860 Ingenico EFT 930B Sagem Monetel EFT 930-G
Ascom EFT-20P Ingenico EFT 930G Sagem Monetel EFT 930P
Axalto Magic 5100 Ingenico EFT 930P Sagem Monetel EFT 930S
Axalto Magic X1000 Ingenico EFT 930W Sagem Monetel EFT 930S-GM
Axalto X100 Ingenico ICT 250 Sagem Monetel EFT 930-W
Barclays ICT250 Ingenico ICT220 Sagem R360  
Bixolon SPP-R200 Ingenico iWL200 Samsung Bixolon SPP-R200
Bixolon SRP-R200 Ingenico iWL221 Samsung Bixolon SRP-R200
Cardsave 5100 Ingenico iWL222 Schlumberger Magic 5100
Cardsave 7780 (Portable) Ingenico iWL250 Schlumberger Magic X1000
Cardsave 7910 (Mobile) Ingenico iWL251 Star SM-S220i  
Cardsave iCT250 Magic 5100 Streamline ICT250  
Cardsave iCT250 Magic X1000 Streamline Magic 5100
Citizen CMP-10/BT Matsu-Dionica Omera GSM Streamline VX670  
Elite 710 Natwest Streamline Streamline X1000  
Epson S2500THS Ocius VX670 Touchstar Touchpod 57mm
Epson TM-P20 Payzone ICT220 Verifone VX670  
    Verifone VX670  


TH5738, TH5740, TH5744, TH57442

57 x 38 mm Thermal Paper Rolls, Box of 20