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Silicone protective cover for the Ingenico IWL range has arrived!

After a long wait, the silicone protective covers for the Ingenico IWL range of terminals have arrived. Read More

Proof of delivery for food home deliveries

With food delivery services becoming more and more popular with the rise of apps like just eat, we are supplying more and more customers with manual card imprinters and vouchers… Read More

Imprinter recycling

We get quite a few customers who contact us to find out what they should do with their manual imprinter if they move payment service provider or cease trading. Read More

Innovia Verus™ Polymer Bank Note Validators

Available Now! The Bank of England has announced that the next range of banknotes will be printed on Guardian® substrate Polymer, a thin flexible film rather than traditional cotton paper. Read More

High street power outage on Saturday before Christmas!!

Doing the Christmas shopping rounds in Guildford last Saturday I was shocked to find a whole street with no lights and clearly no power. Read More

Protective skins for card payment terminals and pin pads

Ever had one of those butterfingers moments where you've fumbled your mobile card payment terminal and it's fallen sickeningly to the floor? If you're anything like me then it probably happens… Read More

Printed paper rolls

Pete and I were invited by one of our paper roll manufacturers last Friday to visit their facility and see one of our printed paper roll jobs coming off the… Read More

BPA levels in thermal till receipts safe for consumers. Experts back BPA, deca-BDE restrictions

Experts back BPA, deca-BDE restrictions EU scientists have backed proposed new restrictions on two widely used chemicals, the toxic flame-retardant deca-BDE and the endocrine-disruptor BPA. Read More

Welcome to our latest team member

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to our latest retail gurus team member 'Bean'. Read More

Coffee time?

Sometimes I think we are powered by coffee in this office! The amount we drink is genuinely shocking. . . . Read More