Castles Vega 3000 COUNTERTOP v5
Castles Vega 3000 COUNTERTOP v5

Dejavoo Z8 Z11 Tilt and Swivel Stand

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Dejavoo Z8 Z11 Tilt and Swivel Stand




Dejavoo Z8 Z11 Tilt and Swivel Stand

Dejavoo Z8 and Z11

Dejavoo Z8 and Z11 Tilt and Swivel Stand suitable for the Dejavoo Z8 and Z11

Product Code: STAND/DEJAVOO/Z8/Z11/TS


A pin pad stand provides ease of use and security for your customer's card details and your store. It's a professional touch that not only shows that you're keeping their payments secure, but that you take security seriously. Pin pad theft is always a concern as customer card data can be obtained if the pin pad terminal is hacked. A suitable tilt and swivel mount for the Dejavoo Z8 and Z11  will provide ease of access, and a visual presence that you can accept cards. Many of our customers noticed increased sales once their card machines could be seen more easily,

Castles Vega300 Mobile2  Terminal Mounts
Technical Specification.

190 degree swivel with 60 degree tilt
Pole height: 135mm (150mm to top of mount plate) - 95mm (base diameter)
Steel construction - Durable Powder Coated Finish (black)
Unit comes fully assembled with full fitting instructions and tools

Specially engineered rubber grips to safely hold your terminal in place, but still allowing easy removal of the device if required,

Built in cable tidy system to allow unsightly cables to be fed down the pole, and either though a hole cut in the desk or back out of the bottom of the pole along the counter top.

Bespoke sizes, colours, functionality are available. Please contact us for more details.


There is a 5 year warranty that covers against manufacturing defects. Paint and non-metal parts are not covered, a free replacement would be sent out upon receipt of the faulty unit.