Chip and Pin Failures - Make sure you have a backup

If you were out shopping this weekend, or perhaps taking a loved one for a romantic meal, you may have found your plans thwarted by payment options as there was a national failure of the chip and pin card network.

Restaurants and shops across the country had to turn away customers who only had cards to pay - not surprising really as most of us don't tend to carry large amounts of cash around with us.

But business and customers have all become reliant on card payments so that when these fail there seems to be no alternative except cash.  However, this is not the case - your business needs to have a back-up so you don't have to turn customers away.  A manual back-up pack with the traditional card holder that takes an imprint on NCR paper of the card details is a great solution - it needs no power and your customers can still pay with their cards.

Retails Guru's pack is affordable and will give you the reassurance that you wont have to say no to customers.

The Daily Mail's article talks to some extremely angry business owners who have lost over 24 hours of sales on this important weekend, perhaps if they had a manual back-up the damage would not have been so great.  Read more on the Mail Online.