Coffee time?

Sometimes I think we are powered by coffee in this office!

The amount we drink is genuinely shocking....

In recent times our coffee of choice has been Nescafe Azera. For an instant it's surprisingly palatable although this seems does seem to further accelerate our consumption.

We've also had quite a few customers asking us whether we sell coffee as it would save them some hassle to order it from us along with their other consumables.... We've thought about it but it's perishable and we really want to stick to what we know best.

To satisfy the coffee lovers amongst you though we thought we'd share our dirty little secret....

We are currently buying our Azera from Staples. I can only think that they must have a massive warehouse full of the stuff they need to shift quickly as the price they are offering it for is a complete bargain.

Currently you can buy a 500g tin for £9.99.

In comparison Cosco charge £18.99 for a 750g tin of Gold Blend and you have to buy 4 tins to get that price. That's not even taking into account the fact that Gold Blend tastes like blended cardboard compared to the luxurious rich taste of Azera!

Rest assured though this is the only thing we can recommend sourcing from Staples right now! For all your POS supplies and peripheral items we charge around half the price that they do assuming they stock what you need at all.

Don't blame us if you get the shakes from drinking too much cheap coffee though! For some reason when you have a massive tin of something and several more in the cupboard the spoonful gets more and more heaped!