Credit Card Terminal Mounts

credit card mounts standsLet's talk about credit card mounts. Some shops and stores have them and some of them don't. The question is why do we need them.

The Big Three; Verifone, Ingenico and Spire Payments.

There are three major manufacturers of pin pad terminals out there and chances are you've seen these logos above pretty much every time you buy something using your visa or debit card. Verifone, Ingenico and Spire Payments. There are many others that are just as good but don't provide as much support. Unfortunately these big three are also targeted and hacked because they are so very common. It's a little like why so many viruses are designed for Windows instead of Apple. More people use Windows and it just makes sense to target a bigger audience.

chip and pin hackedChip and Pin Machines Are Too Easy to Hack

If somebody steals your pin pad terminal and replaces it with a counterfeit unit it can compromise your system completely, and hackers have been known to hack the terminal or in some cases quickly swap your pin pad terminal for a hacked one which will look exactly the same and function the same too. Except it'll be used to steal money from the customer and compromise your payment system entirely. Credit card stands aren't just built to save you some desk space, some of our credit card mounts are lockable and hold the unit firmly in place whilst allowing free rotational movement so the customer can easily put in their pin number. Whilst contactless payment looks promising, it just isn't widely used as much yet and having a sturdy pin pad stand provides security at your point of sale and will look much more professional in your shop, store, cafe, or supermarket.