Paper Till Rolls Jamming

If you are sure you have purchased the correct sized paper roll, but find that your terminal is jamming when you load a new roll, there is an easy answer to this problem.

Simply unwind about 1 meter of paper before you load the roll. As well as removing the layer of gum which sticks the roll down, it will reduce the diameter of the roll slightly to allow for a bit more clearance.

paper till roll jammingTo avoid wasting too much paper doing this all the time, ensure you use the correct size roll on your terminal. Most of the new Ingenico and VeriFone machines take a standard thermal 57 x 40 roll. However, take good care when using the first roll out of the box as moisture in the paper and how tightly they are wound may effect the final size.

Post a message, check your user guide, or visit our help guides to make sure you get the correct size roll.

If the machine struggles to load the roll on too many occasions, it will eventually cause the printer motor to fail or break the cogs on the rubber roller, which drives the roll through the machine. This may lead to a costly repair and your machine will be out of action. If your rolls start to print okay, and the text appears really small, this is another indication that a bit more paper needs to be unwound.

With practice, you will get to know how much paper you will need to remove, and so reducing further wastage.

If the roll is too big that you are unable to even shut the lid, the roll size is completely wrong. Wind it down to fit so that it gets you out of trouble, but then find out the correct size that is needed for next time.