Proof of delivery for food home deliveries

With food delivery services becoming more and more popular with the rise of apps like just eat, we are supplying more and more customers with manual card imprinters and vouchers to use as proof of delivery as well as for backup to an electronic terminal for orders paid for on the doorstep.

Historically one of the issues with food delivery was that it was tricky to prove who had actually received orders that had been paid for by card either on the phone or online.

We heard the same story over and over again of customers denying that they had received orders and claiming refunds via the chargeback process particularly in buildings with multiple occupants like halls of residences or blocks of flats.

The answer is for delivery drivers to use an imprinter and vouchers to take an imprint of the customer’s card that had been used to place the original order.

Using this process there is absolute proof that the person who paid for the order has received the order.

Due to its small size our model 990 imprinter seems to be the weapon of choice for this application.

Order the 990 imprinter by clicking HERE and order an embossed merchant plate with your business details by clicking HERE