Silicone protective cover for the Ingenico IWL range has arrived!

After a long wait, the silicone protective covers for the Ingenico IWL range of terminals have arrived. Designed specially to fit snuggly around the Ingenico IWL220, IWL221, IWL222, IWL250, IWL251 and IWL252, our silicone skins will help protect your device from knocks drops and spills. Easy to clean in warm soapy water, they will also help keep the germs away too.

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Currently available in grey, with more colours on the way, the design also allows access to all the cable ports, all chip and pin readers, and also the roll can easily be changed while still in the cover.

A unique design feature is that the machine can still be charged on the Ingenico charging base, as we have designed the case to make sure the device can be fully charged via micro usb cable or the charging dock while still in the case.

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Silicone Protective Cover for Ingenico IWL range of terminals.IWL220, IWL221, IWL222, IWL250, IWL251, IWL252.

Product code: SILCOV/ING/IWL

Colour: Grey. Other colours available soon.

*IWL terminal NOT included*

Manufactured specially by Retail Gurus, these custom made silicone protective covers will help protect your Ingenico IWL device from drops, knocks, spills and germs.

Easy to install, easy to clean, and easy to change the paper roll while still inside the cover. Specially designed to allow the device to fit comfortably back on to the charging dock, with cut outs provided for all necessary cable access. 

We have supplied this cover to 1000's of customers around the globe.

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  • Designed to fit the entire range of Ingenico IWL terminals
  • Ingenico IWL 250, IWL251, IWL252 , IWL220, IWL221, IWL222
  • Protects paper roll lid and printer driver roller in case of drops.
  • Easy to change paper roll while still inside the cover.
  • Access to all cable ports.
  • Designed to allow a perfect fit on to the Ingenico charging base.
  • Other colours available, please call for availability.
  • Already being used by 1000's of merchants around the world.
  • Easy to wash with just warm soapy water, to prevent spread of unwanted germs.
  • Helps protect the screen area from damage when a tap from a smart device is used for Apple and Android Pay.
  • Can be used with our customised silicone keypad skin, available soon. 

Volume discounts, customisation, and other colours are available. Please call for details.

We also have a range of other covers to fit all the Spire, VeriFone, Ingencio and Pax terminals. Availability and minimum order quantities may vary. 


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