Swollen Spire Payments Battery

m4230 terminalThe Spire M4230 and M4240 portable devices are very robust machines and have sat comfortably in the marketplace for many years as a reliable and sturdy payment terminal. After a few years of use, as with everything, some of the parts take a bit of a beating. One of the components to show fatigue is the battery, which we will discuss now, and also the power supply, which will be covered in later topics.

Every machine is different as battery life depends on amount or use, the level of charging, the frequency of charging and how good your bluetooth or GPRS signal is. There are a few signs to check first before spending money on a new battery.

Check the power supply, and the charging base are working correctly. If they are not, the battery may simply not be charging properly. To check the power supply, simply plug the power supply cable directly into the back of the terminal. The machine should work, and when unplugged, the battery will take over the power provision. If the machine does not stay on for very long or not at all, the battery is probably to blame.

To check if there is a problem with the charging cradle, remove the battery completely and place the machine on the charging base. If the machine works fine on the base, but fails as soon as you take it off, the charging cradle is fine.

If you remove the battery then connect the power supply to the back of the machine, the machine should work still. If no power, either the machine itself or the power supply is broken.

The signs of an ailing battery are:

Getting hotter than usual
Cracking of the battery case
Cracking of the machine case
Decreasing battery time

If you've had you machine for a few years it's unlikely that the battery is under warranty any more. Before placing an order for a new battery, ensure that the machine has not been damaged in any way by a swollen battery. If the actual machine casing has ben mis-shapen, even a new battery may not fit back in correctly.

Always treat the fitting of the battery with care. Do not force it in to place. The catch on the battery is a very precise fit and can easily break off if forced.

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