Protective skins for card payment terminals and pin pads

Ever had one of those butterfingers moments where you've fumbled your mobile card payment terminal and it's fallen sickeningly to the floor?

If you're anything like me then it probably happens quite regularly. (In my case I usually attempt to catch it with my foot and end up booting it across the room.)

If your'e similarly careless or employ people who are then it seems that help may be at hand in the form of our silicone skin covers. These are similar to the soft silicone skins that have been available for many other devices for years. The skins are carefully designed to fit closely to the device and protect it from drops and knocks.

Terminal skin 

We've been evaluating the version designed for the verifone VX675 and it definitely takes the sting out of any accidental drops onto hard surfaces. We've had a good go at breaking our test unit but the worst we could inflict was a few scratches to the display when I tried it on to a gravel driveway. (I'm nothing if not thorough!)

As well as providing some much needed protection, these skins can also enable the terminal to be branded up quite nicely.

They are available in a wide range of colours and even with your own logo if required (subject to minimum order quantities).

Here's an orange skin.....

V680 orange


Watch this space as these will be coming to the Retail Gurus online shop in the near future.