Thermal Till Rolls

thermal till rolls

Thermal Till Rolls

Thermal till rolls are a necessity in today's busy point of sale. They don't require an ink ribbon cartridge in order to perform their task and all you have to do is take out the used roll, place a new one into your cash register and you're ready to go again. Using different options such as 3-ply provide carbonless copies that are clean and easy to view. Thermal printing provides a crisp and clear printing method with no smudging, and no fading keeping the receipt valid and friendly for consumers and business owners whom may wish to save these receipts to claim corporate expenses.

How Thermal Printing Works

thermal printing process

Thermal paper itself is coated in a special chemical which when heat is applied, creates a gentle burn on the paper resulting in clear and crisp text which is easy to see on the eye, and fadeless and smudgeless. Without relying on ink cartridges, you have no other reliabilities and the performance is performance. Assuming you've got good cut-to-fit till rolls, no jamming should occur.

Thermal Printing VS Regular Till Rolls

thermal paperThe biggest advantage is printing speed. One The printer prints a lot faster than the other available printers. Therefore it is widely used to print airline tickets in airports or travel agencies, hotels, petrol stations and retail stores. They can last for up to 10 years if stored in a dry environment and the paper is easy to manipulate and flexible unlike other forms or paper. High speed printing at your POS is absolutely essential and thermal rolls are manufactured in many different sizes to accommodate most modern tills and even hand-held terminals for quick point of sale receipts at hand.
Our thermal roll sizes are:

57 x 25 mm
57 x 30 mm
57 x 40 mm
57 x 50 mm
57 x 55 mm
57 x 70 mm
80 x 70 mm
80 x 80 mm