Why you need a PIN pad terminal mount

A PIN pad mount doesn't cost much, and can secure your equipment, give customers peace of mind, speed up the check-out process, and keep your point-of-sale area tidy and help you utilise more desk space for extra stock display.


As a merchant, you are responsible for the security of your PIN pads. If one of your PIN pads is stolen, then of course you have the expense and inconvenience of replacing it. Furthermore, PIN pad theft weakens the whole payment system: stolen PIN pads can be hacked and then returned to the network through dodgy sales or straight substitution, where they then steal customer card data.

A lockable PIN pad stand not only protects your equipment from theft but also reduces the risk of having your terminals switched for compromised units, or being tampered with.

Furthermore, it shows your customers that you are committed to keeping their payments secure.


A well-placed terminal on a swivel-pole speeds up the check-out process by making it easier for both the salesperson and the customer to use the terminal without passing it around.

It’s also easier for the customer to insert their card when the unit is fixed in place, and the angled display gives the customer a clearer view.


A PIN pad mount will keep all your terminal cables neatly out of the way and stop them from getting tangled. The terminal mount has a small desktop footprint and keeps the PIN pad fixed in one place.

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We hold a stock of high quality PIN pad stands, to fit most standard terminals. Our PIN pad stands are designed and manufactured in the UK. If you don’t see your model listed, contact us, and we’ll get hold of one for you.