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Pinpad Stands

pinpad stands

Pinpad stands aren't just designed to mount your credit card terminal, but they provide safety and security for customers and your business. In the last decade retailers have been made responsible for card fraud in their stores and chip and pin terminals are just too easy to hack these days, especially if you have a popular brand terminal such a Verifone, Spire Payments or Ingenico. 

Terminal Security

Locking your terminal to your workspace and close to your till doesn't just utilise more display room, but it locks the terminal firmly in place. Thieves are swapping the terminals for compromised counter-parts which are difficult to detect until several illegal transactions are made. Most terminal mounts we have are regular mounts but we do have lockable stands which are a great purchase. It holds the card terminal at a good convenient height for the customer, and they swivel and rotate with general ease. Definitely a must-have to improve the overall security and professional look of your shop. 

Click here to view our pinpad stands. We provide for Ingenico, Spire Payments and Verifone pinpads.