76x76 ply paper till rolls v3
76x76 ply paper till rolls v3

76 x 76 mm 2ply Carbonless Paper Till Rolls, Box of 20 by National™ (White/Yellow)

£14.00 ex. VAT

Quantity Price per Unit
4 - 7 £13.75 ex. VAT
8 - 11 £13.50 ex. VAT
12 - 9999 £13.25 ex. VAT

76 x 76 mm 2ply Carbonless Paper Till Rolls, Box of 20 by National™ (White/Yellow)




Specially made to ensure smooth operation in all tills and receipt printers with a width of 76mm and a roll diameter of at least 76mm. Most commonly used in kitchen printers, the 2 copies make order management much easier.

Suitable for CLOVER, Kitchen printers.

Axiohm A714 Epson M188B Samsung Bixolon SRP-270C Uniwell TP822
Bixolon SRP-270A Epson TM-210 Samsung Bixolon SRP-270D Uniwell TP922
Bixolon SRP-270C Epson TM-300A Samsung Bixolon SRP-275 Uniwell UN4525
Bixolon SRP-270D Epson TM-300B Samsung Bixolon SRP-275  Star Sp 700  
Bixolon SRP-275 Epson TM-300C Samsung Bixolon SRP-500  Star SP700  
Bixolon SRP-500 Epson TM-300D Samsung SRP-270D      
Citizen ICL9516 Epson TM-U200 Samsung SRP-275C      
Citizen ICL9516 Epson TM-U210 Star SP 2000      
Citizen IDP3420 Epson TM-U220 Star SP 300      
Citizen IDP3421 Epson TM-U220A Star SP 311      
Citizen IDP3423 Epson TM-U220B Star SP 312      
Citizen IDP3530 Epson TM-U220D Star SP 317      
Citizen IDP3535 Epson TM-U230 Star SP 320      
Citizen IDP3540 Epson TM-U675 Star SP 321 SPROCKET    
Citizen IDP3541 ICL 9518-200 Star SP 322 SPROCKET    
Citizen IDP3545 Lloyds TSB Lloyds TSB 250 Star SP 323      
Citizen IDP3546 Omron RS80 Star SP 341      
Citizen IDP3550 Omron RS80B Star SP200      
Citizen IDP3551 Omron RS81 Star SP500      
Citizen IDP460 Orient BTP-M280A Sweda SP 316      
Epson M118B Orient BTP-M280B Tysso PRP-076      
Epson M119B Orient BTP-M280B Uniwell TP420      
Epson M119D Samsung Bixolon SRP-270A Uniwell TP422      


Box of 20 2ply 76x76 till paper, 76mm x 76mm x 12.7mm White/Yellow