57X572 ply thermal till rolls v5
57X572 ply thermal till rolls v5

80 x 50 Thermal Paper Rolls Box of 20 by National™

£14.00 ex. VAT

Quantity Price per Unit
4 - 7 £13.75 ex. VAT
8 - 11 £13.50 ex. VAT
12 - 9999 £13.25 ex. VAT

80 x 50 Thermal Paper Rolls Box of 20 by National™




80 x 50 Thermal Paper Rolls Box of 20 by National™

80 x 50 Thermal Paper Rolls Box of 20 by National™

Our 80x50 thermal paper rolls are specially made to ensure smooth operation in all 80mm wide till receipt printers which have a diameter specification of at least 50mm.

Suitable for Casio, Epson, Samsung, Sam4s, Sharp, Bixalon, Citizen, Star, Axiohm, Clover.

Just Eat V2S


Aures Posligne HSP-7000 Epson TM-881 Samsung Bixolon STP-131
Aures Posligne ODP-1000 Epson TM-8811 Samsung SRP-350
Aures Posligne ODP-160 Epson TM-88111 Sewoo WPT-100
Aures Posligne ODP-200 Epson TM-H5000II Sharp UP-800
Aures Posligne ODP-200H Epson TM-H6000 Sharp UP-810F
Aures Posligne ODP-333 Epson TM-H6000II Sharp UP-811F
Aures Posligne ODP-500 Epson TM-L90 Sharp UP-820F
Aures Posligne TRP-100 Epson TM-T20 Sharp UP-820N
Aures Posligne TRP-100 11 Epson TM-T70 Star SCP 700
Axiohm A715 Epson TM-T80 Star TSP 100
Axiohm A716 Epson TM-T85 Star TSP 113
Axiohm A721 Epson TM-T88 Star TSP 143
Axiohm A756 Epson TM-T881V Star TSP 210
Axiohm A758 Epson TM-T883 Star TSP 242
Axiohm A793 Epson TM-T90 Star TSP 412Z
Axiohm A794 Epson TM-T90 Star TSP 442Z
Axiohm APOS Premium II Fidelity CR2010T Star TSP 613
Axiohm Astrium Fidelity CR2510T Star TSP 643
Axiohm TELESTO Fidelity CR715T Star TSP 650
Axiohm TPG A760 Ithaca 610 Star TSP 743
Axiohm TPG-A795 Ithaca 80 SERIES Star TSP 847
Bixolon SRP-350 Plus Knight TL-TH13F Star TSP 847
Bixolon SRP-352 Plus Labau TM-200 Star TSP-200-24 Series
Bixolon SRP-370 Maxatec A794 Star TSP-400-Z
Bixolon SRP-372 Maxatec A794 Star TSP-550II
Bixolon SRP-F310 Maxatec MT-150 Star TSP-552
Bixolon SRP-F312 Maxatec TPG A776 Star TSP-600
Bixolon STP-131 Maxatec TPG A795 Star TSP700
Casio UP-360 Metapace T-1 Star TSP-700
Citizen CBM1000 Metapace T-2 Toshiba B-431
Citizen CBM1000 TypeII Metapace T-3 Toshiba B-443
Citizen CBM230 NRP 2000 Toshiba B-452
Citizen CBM232 Omron RS6500 Toshiba B-452 HS
Citizen CBM233 Orient BTP-R580 Toshiba FS-1455
Citizen CBM253 Orient BTP-R880NP Toshiba TRST-56
Citizen CMB800 Posligne HSP-7000 Toshiba TRST-A00
Citizen CT-S300 Posligne ODP-1000 Toshiba TRST-A10
Citizen CT-S300 Posligne ODP-160 Toshiba TRST-A12
Citizen CT-S310 Posligne ODP-200H Toshiba TRST-A15
Citizen IDP310 Posligne ODP-500 Tysso PRP-08011
Citizen IDP3210 Posligne TRP-100 Tysso PRP-08111
Citizen IDP3221 Posligne TRP-100 II Tysso PRP-085111
Citizen IDP3310 Sam4s Ellix-20 Tysso PRP80
CNX 500 Sam4s Ellix-40 Tysso SX 7505
Ellix 20 Sam4s Ellix-40 Uniwell CBM 231
Ellix 40 Sam4s Giant Uniwell CBM 233
Epson M129B Sam4s SPS-530 Uniwell CBM123
Epson M129C Samsung Bixolon SRP-350 Uniwell SX 8505
Epson M129H Samsung Bixolon SRP-350 Plus Uniwell SX6750
Epson M-T301 Samsung Bixolon SRP-350G Uniwell TP832
Epson T301A Samsung Bixolon SRP-F310 Uniwell TP932
  Samsung Bixolon SRP-F312  Zapper receipt printer
  Samsung Bixolon SRP-R200



Geller MZ-1 Sharp UP-3000 Citizen CBM293
Hero TH80 Hero TH82 Hero TH200